No. 7 - If You Can't Pronounce It, Don't Eat It

If You Can't Pronounce It Dont Eat It 100 Ways to Glorious Wellness Number Seven - Health Coach to High Flyers.png

Avoid the un-pronounceables // you know the list of ingredients printed on the food label? If it has gobbledy-gook sounding things listed on it, chances are that eating it isn't going to be doing you any favours.

Take a look at a few labels and make sure you can pronounce everything listed.

One of my bug bears is gluten-free foods in the supermarket. They're often packed with weird stuff. I used to buy gluten-free bread there until I realised it was full of less-than-glorious ingredients.

I now get my GF bread from a local bakery who use simple natural ingredients. They're called Artisan Bread Organic. Not an ad, just a shout out as I love what they do.