No. 19 - Skin Loves Simple

No 19 - Skin Loves Simple 100 Ways to Glorious Wellness Number Nineteen - Health Coach to High Flyers.png

Strip it back.

I'm a massive fan of paring back everything to the absolute essentials... skincare included. I don't believe our skin needs loads of lotions and potions and thrives when we keep it simple. After sorting out my acne and eczema, my current skincare go-tos are:

  • cleansing with jojoba oil and a muslin cloth
  • moisturising then applying a natural sunblock during the day. I use @greenpeopleuk 
  • a facial massage oil at night
  • a gentle exfoliation with @renskincareAHA toner a few times a week

Simple. Quick. Skin loves it. What are your simple skincare secrets?