After 2 decades of spots, my skin's finally clear.

After 2 decades of spots, my skin's finally clear.

My story

Let me be honest. I’ve had a radical career change.

Somewhere in the midst of my hot-shot job as a senior marketer at the Coca-Cola Company, I realised I wasn’t feeling all that great. My skin was misbehaving big time and I was covered in acne and eczema. Not good. I share more about it here in my TEDx talk.

I started investigating whether there was a link between what I was eating, stress and my skin (spoiler alert: there was). I turned into a total nutrition nerd and read nutrition books like other people read newspapers. Just before boarding a flight from Melbourne to London, I bought a book called ‘I Quit Sugar’ at the airport by Aussie journalist Sarah Wilson. I read it cover-to-cover on the flight home and it turned out she’d studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. So I enrolled when I got home.

Fast-forward and I left my big corporate job to launch Glorious Wellness. I now work with ambitious, driven people who work in crazy, busy roles and want to make big things happen. If only they had the energy.


Time. Money. Energy.
Energy is the most important because nothing happens without it.


My clients tell me I’m a genius at transforming their energy, brain power and getting them feeling fabulous. I’ve coached many exhausted, caffeine/wine/sugar-dependent clients back to brilliant health. 

Real-world advice on how to feel gloriously well whilst juggling a million other things is my forte. I’m famous for having a down-to-earth approach to wellness that doesn’t require fuss, fads or the latest ‘superfood’.

I’m currently coaching CEOs, directors, founders and go-getters who realise that their energy is their most valuable asset.

"I just wanted to say that I'm so unbelievably impressed. After years of struggling with weight and health issues, low energy and anxiety, after 6 months with Rebecca I feel like myself for the first time in10 years. I worried that after I finished working with Rebecca, things may slip backwards, but she has given me the tools to keep progressing. Thank you so much, this has been the best investment in myself I have EVER made"

If you’re feeling less than fabulous, I’d love to help you get your va va voom back.

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