I’ve had a radical career change.

Somewhere in the midst of my hot-shot job as a senior marketer at the Coca-Cola Company, I realised I wasn’t feeling all that great. My skin was misbehaving big time and I was covered in acne and eczema. Not good. (Psst, I share more about this in my TEDx talk).

I started investigating whether there was a link between what I was eating, stress and my skin (spoiler alert: there was). I turned into a total nutrition nerd and read nutrition books like other people read the news. Just before boarding a flight from Melbourne to London, I bought a book called I Quit Sugar at the airport by Sarah Wilson. I read it cover-to-cover on the flight home and it turned out she’d studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I enrolled as soon as I got home and graduated as an integrative nutrition health coach in 2015. 

So I left my big corporate job to launch Glorious Wellness. I now work with founders, directors, entrepreneurs and go-getters who want to make big things happen. If only they had the energy.

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“It’s massively empowering to have an hour with Rebecca every 2 weeks that’s focused entirely on ME. I run multiple businesses and that hour is absolutely invaluable.”

- Multi-Entrepreneur, UK