My approach covers 5 components that all contribute to helping you feel gloriously well


1. clear up
  • I work with you to gradually eliminate processed, artificial, junk foods that don’t support you.

  • I'll help you to minimize cravings for sugar, salt, alcohol and caffeine. Or whatever else you might be craving. I’ve yet to meet someone who craved celery or broccoli but I live in hope…

2. crowd out
  • I don’t believe in strict weight loss diets, fads or jumping on the latest diet book bandwagon.

  • I'll help you to gradually adopt a healthier way of eating by ‘crowding out’ the bad stuff with good stuff. There’s simply less room for the bad stuff.

  • I focus on real foods that you can buy and cook easily. I can help you with shopping lists, recipes and cooking tips.

  • If you don’t like kale (or anything else for that matter), don’t fret. I’ll help you to find the foods that best support you and that you enjoy eating.

3. move more
  • I’ll help you to find ways to move regularly. In a way that works for you.

  • I’m not a fan of hard-core exercise for exercise’s sake (Been there, done that. Fear of getting fat only motivates for so long….). If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick with it. So we’ll figure out how you like to move and then get you to keep doing it. I’m big on accountability and will help you stay on track.

4. rest & restore
  • When you’re tired, stressed or overwhelmed, you don’t feel glorious because you’re in system overload.   

  • I take into account all of the things other than food that affect how you feel and therefore how you eat. Like work, family, friends, stress, exercise, sleep and travel.

  • I'll help you to decompress and find ways to restore your natural energy.

5. reset minds
  • This one sounds so simple but it’s possibly the most important thing I can help you with. I’ll support you to reset the ingrained habits that have SUCH an impact on how you eat and your wellness. Like:

               ‘I must finish everything on my plate’ 
               ‘it would be rude not to….’
                ‘fruit’s good for me, I eat loads of it’
                ‘I really should go for a run.....'

  • I’ll help you to achieve a positive mindset around food so that you’re in control of how you nourish your body.