"I'm judging the agency's creative work much more clearly and objectively, which has made our creative output stronger. In a business like ours that lives by its ideas, that's been a game-changer." 

CEO, Award-winning agency, London

“It was a delightful experience to work with Rebecca. She helped me to find solutions that were manageable and sustainable in my busy schedule. Overall it was a great experience and one that I’m glad I’ve undertaken. It was the push I needed to re-evaluate my lifestyle and I feel great for the first time in ages.”

Executive Assistant, London

"When I started working with Rebecca my energy was at an all time low. I was stressed, too tired to exercise and the weight was pilling on. It was a vicious circle.  I can honestly say that by working with Rebecca my whole perspective and attitude to health, food, movement and my body has changed for the better. And for good. I lost 15kg, I've got more energy, I sleep better and I learnt that I actually enjoy cooking. I'm genuinely happier and feeling glorious. It's changed the way I think, eat, cook and feel about myself. You’ve changed my life. THANK YOU!"

Company Director, New Zealand

"Before working with Rebecca, I had a serious sugar addiction and my energy levels were rock bottom. Rebecca guided me to make changes that stuck and that are now my healthy habits. I felt I could be totally honest with her about my lifestyle, the good and the bad! She never judges. She helped me to make better choices and really opened my eyes to how food affected how I feel. Since completing the Glorious Wellness programme, my energy levels are so much better and I've kicked my sugar addiction for good. It was great working with Rebecca. If you're thinking of working with her, just do it!"

Founder, Melbourne