I help CEOs, founders, directors and leaders transform their energy, fire on all cylinders and feel gloriously well. I've coached many busy, burnt-out and caffeine-dependent execs back to vibrant health. 

After 20 brilliant years in marketing, many of which were at Coca-Cola (the irony’s not lost; senior Coke exec turned nutrition coach) I graduated from nutrition school on a mission to help other high-flyers to feel gloriously well.

Fed up with adult acne in my 30s, I began investigating whether there was a link between my always-on-a-plane, hard-working-hard-playing, nutritionally unbalanced lifestyle and my skin problems (spoiler alert: there was). This inspired me to study nutrition, heal my skin from the inside out and launch Glorious Wellness. I now work with organisations around the world who get that our biggest assets in business are our energy and brain power.

I regularly speak at events, organisations, on panels and podcasts around the world. 



Does your inner Mean Bitch keep you stuck in the status quo? Speaking at TEDxRoyalTunbridgeWells Women, I shared my advice on giving your MB the flick and tuning into what your gloriously intelligent gut tells you. Your gut knows what's right for you way before your brain does. 


“Rebecca worked with Plenish as a guest speaker, most recently to launch our Bridal Cleanse programme. Rebecca spoke to a group of 25 influencers and brought a huge amount of value to our guests, sharing her nutritional expertise and personal experience of detoxing. We hope to work with Rebecca again soon”

- Kara Rosen, Founder, Plenish




“Rebecca is an engaging and warm speaker. She delivers content that makes you want to immediately go and do what she says. In her honest, open style she helps you to see how getting healthy doesn’t mean giving up everything you enjoy and eating only kale. She has a refreshingly ‘real world’ approach to wellness and a genuine desire to help people to feel gloriously well. Every time I see her give a talk, I think to myself ‘I want what she’s having’.”

- Dee Woolcott, Partner, Bulletproof